18K Yellow Gold

IPPOLITA uses 18K “Green Gold” which is a metal color proprietary only to IPPOLITA. It contains a high proportion of pure silver alloy (other golds use nickel or a blend of other base alloys) and their coloring is more yellow or “orange” in appearance. IPPOLITA green gold is a very soft tone of gold which took 7 years to develop and is flattering on all skin tones.


18K Rose gold

An alloy of gold mixed with copper, which gives it red tint


925 Sterling Silver

Silver that is 92.5% pure silver mixed with other alloys. IPPOLITA  925 Sterling Silver is also referred to as ‘White’ Silver because it is brighter and whiter than other silver jewelry. This is achieved by plating sterling silver in pure silver (99.9% Silver) and flash plating with an invisible, clear coating