Sabrina in Nude

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Eugenia Kim continually re-imagines its 'Sabrina' cap, which is modeled after traditional Breton styles. This version is made from wool-felt and features an ivory birdcage veil.

Style: Nude wool felt cap with ivory birdcage veil. . This style features an adjustable grosgrain ribbon to achieve the wearer's desiered fit.
Dimensions: CROWN: 2.75" / BRIM: 2.5" Circumference: 22.5"
Storage & Care: Each Sabrina is shipped in a transparent heat-sealed bag. This felt hat can be cleaned with a lint roller or brushed cleaned. Store your hat in the sealed bag and stuff the crown with tissue paper so that the brim is supported, so that the weight of the hat does not distort the brim over time. Hats can also be hung on a hook or hat rack but turn them periodically to avoid the buildup of dust.